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Welcome to the website of the New Tea Party Movement. A home for conservatives and those that believe that the Declaration of Independence not only dissolved political bands between Britain and the colonies, but set a new course for human events. We are those who believe the Constitution of the United States is THE standard by which all laws are judged. We stand with those who are unabashedly patriotic and believe in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Here you will find like minded patriots coming together for the preservation of our Constitution, our Freedoms, and our Way of Life. Please join us. We need your help. The fight we find ourselves in today is as dire as that faced at our founding and that of the Civil War. Stand with us in opposition to the attempted left-wing/Socialist takeover now afoot.

To echo the words of George Washington on December 31, 1776, “…your country is at stake, your wives, your houses and all that you hold dear.” The service of all good Patriots is once again required.

Welcome Home fellow Patriot, welcome home!

About Us


In 1776, our founding fathers set out to create a more perfect Union and throughout our history, while not perfect, America has stood as a beacon of hope to the rest of the world, as we accepted her tired, her poor, and her huddling masses yearning to breathe free. Yet today, we face a left-wing/Socialist agenda aimed at the destruction of the America we love. Xxx Xxxxx, an American Patriot, who by prayer and through inspiration, felt called by God to launch a Movement to save America. With a simple calling to unite conservatives across our great land, God’s vision is being realized in the form of The New Tea Party Movement. And “We the people” have responded by the thousands.

Mission Statement

With a deep understanding that Governments are instituted among men and derive their power by consent, The New Tea Party Movement stands on the precipice against usurpations of our unalienable rights as Americans. We value the ordained role of our Union and hold true the Blessings of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. We commit ourselves to the inviolable nature of the United States Constitution and our support of candidates, laws, and policies that uphold its precepts. We value the equality of all men but recognize the transcendent morality of conservative values as we unite millions of conservatives across our great land under one banner, in the spirit of Freedom, and in order to maximize our influence, effectiveness, and cohesion. We stand as a reminder to our elected leaders of their sworn faith and allegiance to the Constitution and the faithful discharge of their duties.


9/11. To practically every American, those words invoke a myriad of feelings: rage, fear, uncertainty, indescribable pain and loss. You probably remember where you were and what you were doing when you first got word of what was happening in New York City, Washington D.C. and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. And you probably remember the sickening feelings as you watched replays over and over of the planes smashing into those iconic buildings.


But in the days that followed, as we began to rebuild our country and hunt down our enemies, we saw patriotism and the American spirit explode larger than those buildings ever were, and we vowed never to forget.

But we have forgotten. Today, with images of our great American cities from Los Angeles to New York City burning on our televisions, the image of America under attack are once again being seared into our minds, and those feeling of helplessness are coming back. And the near universal national response to the wanton destruction, chaos, and lawlessness has been absolute ineptitude by politicians across America, citizens we elected to represent us, sworn to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. You’ve watched their failure to protect people and property, to enforce the law and to maintain order, and like so many others, you’ve been asking what can you/we do.


If you’ve wanted to get involved and do something about the destructive forces tearing our country apart, you can. Unite now with The New Tea Party Movement and fellow conservatives across America and take a stand. The New Tea Party Movement 9/11 Club offers you an opportunity to unite in a way that not only can we oppose the left-wing agenda being propagated across the country, but also have a voice in guiding laws and policies that uphold our constitution and our values. The funds collected through both the 9/11 Club membership and through donations will be used in the furtherance of conservative values.

While you may freely peruse the site and the information available within, we encourage you to choose from one of the two levels of membership in The New Tea Party Movement. You may join as a free member, which will give you access to our New Tea Party Movement Community, a social media site free of the left-wing censorship you have seen on other sites. But we encourage you to consider the 9/11 club. For a nominal membership fee of $9.11 per month billed to your credit or debit card, the 9/11 club offers you an opportunity to actively and financially support the movement to push back against the rampant violations of our constitutional rights.



In order to advocate and have a voice on both a local and a national level, The New Tea Party Movement must have funds available to promote the conservative values we hold dear. As such, your donations are an important part of being able to carry the conservative message forward. Your donations are appreciated.

9/11 Club

The 9/11 Club is a paid membership to the New Tea Party Movement. While there are many activities that require nothing more than a committed, motivated volunteer force, the act of impacting and engaging the processes of Government require consistent funding and a responsible fiscal policy to allow the Movement to give a voice to our conservative ideals.